Math, Geometry & Patterns

It’s interesting how inspiration can be found in the simplest of things. Take for instance a pattern printed on a tissue box. I kept looking at it thinking what if it were simplified down to perfect circles and squares. Then that got me trying to figure out the exact geometric formulas. I researched terms for groups of circles (nested, tangent, coaxal, concentric, etc.), finding this Q&A quite interesting. And through several iterations I made these patterns in Adobe Illustrator.

Other interesting circle arrangements and geometry articles I found in my research are the Seed of LifeTriquetraVesica Piscis, and
Circle-Circle Intersection.


Moving to the Physics Building

Career Center Physics Summer 2016 poster

To inform students that the UMBC Career Center was undergoing renovations and would be temporarily relocated to a different building over the summer, I designed this poster. Using a photo as reference, I drew the building and surrounding foliage in Adobe Illustrator.

RE Start Fitness Website

RE Start Fitness LLC websiteMy brother wanted a website to both promote his personal training business, and accept credit card/PayPal payments for training packages. Given the limitations of the web service and online building tools he purchased his domain from, I was able to repurpose one of the services’ base templates, totally rearranging some content areas while still providing him a contact form, PayPal buttons and a clean visual feel.

Future ideas for the site will involve moving to a WordPress or built-from-scratch environment, which would allow for additional dynamic elements, training plan library, login/logout, a change in the color-scheme of the rollover menu, and better responsive/mobile layout.

Career Week 2013, Dining Etiquette Dinner

As part of Career Week, the Career Services Center at UMBC holds a workshop called the Dining Etiquette Dinner. Career Week 2013’s theme was zombies. In collaboration with the Creative Services team, who shot photos of students made up as zombies and designed the Career Week 2013 logo, I designed advertisements of various sizes and mediums for this workshop.

Outdoor poster: outdoor poster

Small poster: Dining Etiquette-12×18

Dining Hall TV screens: Dining-Etiquette-2013-TrueGrits

Dining Hall table tents: Dining Etiquette-tabletents

Generic Information Here sign: CareerWeek2013-InformationHere