Moving to the Physics Building

Career Center Physics Summer 2016 poster

To inform students that the UMBC Career Center was undergoing renovations and would be temporarily relocated to a different building over the summer, I designed this poster. Using a photo as reference, I drew the building and surrounding foliage in Adobe Illustrator.


Campus Jobs Fair

Short video montage of students’ reflections on the Campus Jobs Fair. This video was meant to look low key and inviting (like a typical YouTube video) vs. staged or overdone.


UMBC Career Services Center website

2007 version of the CSC website

To see the current version go to


UMBC Career Week website

2010 version

Check out the current Career Week website, I updated with this year’s zombie theme.


UMBC Cheerleading website


When I was a coach of the UMBC Cheerleading team, I wanted to build us a website to display pictures and videos of our team and our performances, and provide details about tryouts. I did not have access to build this out from the main UMBC Athletics website and was unsatisfied with how Facebook delivered photos and videos separately, so I build this site which includes a data driven photo and video system. This system allows you to jump to a page, go to next page or next picture, select content type(s), loops back to the first picture/video from the end, and pulls in photos stored on the website and videos stored on both Facebook and YouTube. You can see the current site at